Shorts & Pants

Authenticity of style and construction are essential when building pants or shorts that will stand the test of time. And made all the more relevant when such details enhance comfort or just make the bottom more real. For example, we are keenly aware that it costs more to construct a waistband in the manner that we employ, but this seamless appearance from the exterior allows for a truer fit, with less interruption of intent. We also recognize that knee pleats are another expense and inconvenience to production--it’s far easier to sew something less detailed--but these little fabric folds place extra fullness where the action happens and make our products that much more utilitarian. Why take shortcuts on the type of product that will be the hardest working in your wardrobe?

Note:  the “inseam” number to the right of our Short names—provides a quick metric of length, but the tell-all will always be the outseam number which can’t be affected by the length of a rise and ultimately conveys where on the leg the short (or pant) can rest.