Knits & Shirts

In our view, knits are nearly the outerwear equivalent for spring/summer utility. So we design as such, primarily because (as long documented) we obsess over outerwear. But secondly, because knits tend to often be compromised and simply built for speed of production. They just don’t get the love. Which is why we’re confident through our uniqueness of materials, styling, and construction details that you’ll recognize our love.

A woven shirt is an easy telltale of whether a brand truly understands and cares about craftsmanship. Things like the weaving of the textile, the snap of the tensile strength, the resulting handfeel, drape, or simply a character that holds our respect for quality. Fabric is where it always starts but only comes to life in combination with the physical pattern:  the shape of the neck band, top collar, armhole, sleeve head, waist, and hem shape. Then comes the layering of workmanship, the attention to sewing operations and stitch count. These are the things that define and separate good from great. Oh, and our collars are never fused, never glued, or looking like perma-press. We build honest shirting consistent with the craftsmanship of 100 years ago.  And we embrace wrinkles!

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